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Laura Sheft






October 5, 1999


To Whom it May Concern:


It had been many years since I truly cared to work out and eat right. I run my own business and always thought that I did not have the time necessary to exercise or take better care of myself. Also, because I really was not overweight. Those were my excuses to not do it.


Finally, the reality hit me and I realized that if I donít something one day in the very near future I could pay the ultimate price of losing my good health so, I called Patty.


She had the challenge of breaking years of bad habits and lack of motivation and self discipline. Then to replace those feelings with determination and confidence. What a job!


I was at my lowest point and felt no desire to work on myself. She never gave up on me and gave me back the confidence and motivation that I needed. On occasion she was very tough on me and would NOT allow me to quit. She allowed me to get angry and blow off steam then continue to move forward.


This is a truly remarkable and gifted person. Her motivational skills and personal determination are unmatched. If you donít believe in yourself when you begin working with Patty, donít worry because she will carry you through until you are ready.



Laura L. Sheft